Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Little Baby Post

Hello blog family!

I am just wanting to say hello to you all. It is a cloudy kind of rain filled Saturday here in Costa Rica. My past week was filled with CAD drafting! It was a wonderful week having Bethany, a fellow intern, back in the office with me this week. I was no longer the only girl! The last week she was on her project trip so I was for sure missing her :) It was a nice week at work working on a boys home plan for a ministry in Guatemala.

An eventful happening at my house this week was that day my mom killed our last 2 chickens. My oldest brother and sister where not happy about it and refuse to eat any of the meat that came from it. We also have been house sitting a little dog named Blacky for the past week and a half or so. So 2 small dogs following each other around the house has been a joy.

So, This week at Bible Study we looked at John 13. While talking over the passage our leader Dan asked who is Jesus in this passage? Then he also asked who are you in this passage? This was a great way to define within a single chapter how Jesus was acting and who he was being, and also where I fit into that! What stood out to me was in the first verse, John writes,

 "Having loved his own who were in the world..."

That reminded me that I am Gods! and that he LOVES me! There is a lot more in this chapter that you can take out of it and see yourself in. Some people saw how they were like Peter. Peter was asking a lot of questions and quick and full of passion for following God. There was a lot of things for this passionate disciple to learn. I am so thankful that the Lord grows each of us. And brings us into more understanding! David did a character study on Peter, and saw how later in Acts we see how Peter still had the boldness and passion but, was also mature and had grown in wisdom with the Lord. It was a good Bible study with many things to talk over on just one chapter. So go take a look and ask those questions. Whos is Jesus in this chapter and who am I.
I hope this post finds you all well. I am thanking and resting in the Lord and his plans tonight. You are where you are at right now for a reason. And this season is of great importance to the Lord. I pray that I allow the Lord to use it in his way. And what is so great is that God never leaves us in a season all alone!
Another update coming very soon for you all! LOVE FROM THIS COSTA RICA CHICA! <3 

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Goodness of God. Part 2

A BIG hello from Costa Rica!
Ok, this is a much needed blog update! Remembering the goodness of God. So last week I started this post and new it needed to be finished up in a second part. So we left the post talking about how Gods people didn’t want partake in repentance, salvation, quietness, trust, or strength. That just sounds crazy doesn't it?!

The Lord finishes that thought with this one:
"Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!" Isaiah 30:18
He longs to be gracious and he gets up to show US compassion! The question is will I wait for him? Will you wait for him? BECAUSE, "blessed are all who wait for him."

So now as I'm writing this it makes me ask, how do I wait? I though right away of the song that I love:

Goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. Wait, what was that? Goodness and mercy! right behind me! I really need this to hit my head this week, and for the rest of my life really. I was made for God and by God. YOU! were too. A plan for his children is mercy and goodness. That is not our plan. We did not come up with it. It is his plan for your life. I want you to take a look at Psalm 23. Try to go into it with fresh eyes right now, even if you have read it before. Ok look at the things that are Gods plans here. The things that he is doing. What he does for us. Pick those out on your own.

Ok now go look at what we are to be doing/not doing. Four things:

1. "I shall not be in want"... why is that? because the Lord is my shepherd!

2. "Walk through the valley of death"... why is that? It is a path he can choose to guide me on.

3. "I will fear no evil" ... why is that? because HE is with me!

4. "I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever"... why is that? because of HIS goodness and mercy

some bibles say goodness and love. AMAZING huh?! yeahhh

Wow the goodness of God. And guess what? This is only 2 small little parts of the Bible. Just a completely small piece, that teaches something so big. I pray we each get some God and "insert your name here" time about these verses.

Back at the Ranch... aka quick update about my internship

Design work on the hospital has been coming along! We now have the 2-5 year design plan in CAD in metric. There are some details that will need to be changed now and a lot of things to get started on. Now the structural part of the addition can be worked on! Then we will continue with all the construction drawings for that addition. We are also working on finishing a project from a boys home in Guatemala as well. This was a project from the last intern group that was here in the office. It is a big one so the work continues! So we stay busy around here! We just had a team come back from their project trip, and had one team head out! So you can be praying for the other EMIers that are out traveling around this world! So there is a quick update from here. Another one will be coming soon! It is time for me to get home to my tica familia for dinner! I hope you all have had a WONDERFUL Monday!!!! I pray we keep the goodness of God on the front of our minds!

Here are a few pictures for you all. ENJOY. 
This is an EMI project from this past winter that is now being built!
It is a school! what a view the classrooms will have huh? And it is like that from every
side of the building! I love me some mountains!

Yep they are real! We saw them on a lang. school trip!
we stood on a bridge and watched them!

Very beautiful bird in the yard at lang. school!
 MUCH LOVE from this Costa Rica Chica! :)