Monday, February 21, 2011

He Asked, I Said Yes, And Fun Cabin Time

I would have never thought that Feb 2011 I would be doing a post about how I am engaged! God has good plans and does he ever give good gifts to his children! I am going to post pics and write a little in this post. Enjoy! Remember there is no better place to place our hope then in our God, the Was and Is and Is To Come, The great I am, HE is our constant!

Sitting in the dark at the park ;) Right after he asked me!

Ah we were so so happy!!!! I was so so surprised!

Our hands showing HOW BIG this cake was!
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of our WONDERFUL meal!!!
Dan had the ribs, I had the honey pecan chicken.

Sweet Cake waiting at his house for us from his parents!

Bride Erika and Groom Dan bears from my mumzy!

Winter fun fest crew! Friday night I got to hang out with these lovely people! All stouties!

Laurens great baking!

Cute girls!

Saturday morning we had some winter FUN!

Jillians Birthday!

Broom Ball... Hurts, but is also fun.

SPAZ!! what, yeah haha a game we played as a large group!

Lauren did a cute toast for Dan and I <3

Cute military men in our pink wine :) A little mix of dan and I <3

The Ring!

JILLIANS Birthday!!!! Cute girls! umm is she 30?

Our men out of the glasses, haha looks like Dan is proposing!
Random how that worked out :)

 REALLY fun weekend, but we sure were tired after all of that!!!
One last one, Sarah and I on the knee board :)