Friday, April 16, 2010

Going to a party

Ready for something so cute!

Penelope Judd

Once upon a time in a distant land
Far beyond the sea where there lived no man

Or woman- in fact, lo and behold
The oldest person there was only 12 years old
Because all the grown-ups had washed away in a flood
One town in particular there was called Mud
Because every sister, cousin and brother
From head to toe in mud they were covered
But anyway, in this town called Mud
There lived a little girl named Penelope Judd
Now Penelope was a very sad, sad girl
Because she was living in a bad, bad world
Where kids teased each other and acted really mean
They lied, cheated and stole and their speech was obscene
With no grown-ups around, nobody was really wise
So every kid did what was right in their own eyes
Penelope would cry- like every single day
No matter what she did, the tears wouldn’t go away
But deep down in her heart, she hoped it would get better
Because of what her grandpa had written in a letter
He said, “Penelope, it’s great news that I bring
On the mountain top there lives a great King
The King has a Son, and being a proud Father
He’s going to throw the Prince a huge party in His honor
But the good part: and I hope it gets you excited
Penelope Judd, you’re officially invited!
He’s sending a Dove- He’ll tell you all you need to know
Just have your bags packed and be ready to go”
It had been such a long time Penelope was waiting
She wondered if the letter was true or just faking
But one day she was playing outside
And to her great surprise, the Dove had arrived!
He said:
Off we go with no delay

Don’t let nobody try to make you stay.We’re gonna see the King, we're on our way
And all the old things gon’ pass away
The Dove told her that He was sent by the King
If she wanted to go, she had to run and grab her things
Penelope said, “OK. I’ll be right back!”
Ran into the house and came back out with her knapsack
The Dove said, “Penelope, the party is in a day
Stay alert, follow me and I’ll lead the way”
So as He flew and Penelope walked the path
She waived good-bye to her friends and they started to laugh
They said that she was silly for following the Dove
Just to go to some stupid party up above
Penelope and the Dove continued on their way
But then she got sad, because part of her wanted to stay
But then she thought to herself, “Why would I want to stay?
Because all they do is play in the mud all day
And while they’re doing that, I’m gonna see the King!”
It made Penelope so happy, she started to sing
She said:
Off I go with no delay
And ain’t nobody gonna make me stay
I’m gonna see the King- I’m on my way
And all the old things gon’ pass away

Now when they had been walking for a long time
They reached the foot of the mountain and they started to climb
Penelope got scared, not sure if she could keep
going because the mountain was very, very steep
On top of that, it was now dark outside
The Dove said, “Keep your eyes on me- I’ll be your guide”
Getting to the top was a difficult trip
But the Dove was there to pick her up whenever she slipped
And she was so excited when they got near the top
that she didn’t even stop when her knapsack dropped
The Dove led her to the Palace and said, “Farewell!
See you inside!” He flew away; Penelope rang the bell
A huge angel answered, looked her up and down
She knew something was wrong because he had a big frown
“Can I help you, ma’am?” “Yes, I’m here for the party

I have an invitation” He said, “I’m so sorry!
There’s no way that I can let you through these doors
The King won’t let anyone dirty up His floors”
She didn’t understand, so without coming near her
He reached into his pocket and He pulled out a mirror
And for the very first time, she saw that she was dirty
The Palace was spotless- she knew she was unworthy
As the angel continued, “I’m sorry, little friend
but…”A voice inside the party said, “You can let her in”
The next thing she knew, the Prince Himself was at the door
He looked at her, smiled and said, “There’s room for one more”
He reached out and touched her- instantly she was clean
Wearing the brightest robe that she had ever seen
If the Mud kids had seen it, they would have gone blind
“Where’d you get it?”, she asked, He said, “Actually, it’s mine”
And as He lead her in through the Palace doors
He sang the sweetest song she ever heard before
He said:
Long ago, laid aside my crown
Became a Mud kid, traveled to your tow
They kicked me out, didn’t want me around
But those who love me get to share my crown
- By Shai Linne. This is one track on his wonderful new album Storiez.

Have a WONDERFUL day :)
remember who you were made by and who you were made for.

Here are some cuties from my trip <3 sorry I have not posted more pictuers yet!!!!
Just a quick update, I will be going back June 3- July 3rd this summer. :)  yippy God is good

Friday, April 2, 2010

"What does love look like?"

Today will be a simple post, a song by Misty and a poem from a few springs ago. Take some quiet time. Set your heart on the Lord and take a listen to these two things. Have a wonderful weekend. Remember you are made for Love and made by Love. It is on purpose that Christ died for this world. Your true purpose can and will only be found in God. He created you for it.

Completing the Grace
By: Jesus and Erika

Break it!
Take it!
My life can not hold it.
It weighs me down, lying on the ground.
My back will break.
My heart will melt.
My head will burst with pain!

The things I’ve done, you know everyone.
How I shiver at the thought of God knowing what I’ve got!
It’s and illness, it’s a plague, covering, corroding what He has made!

As I lay there on the floor, my heart doesn’t hurt anymore.
My back feels light.
My head is clear and my eyes drift to who is near.

In His tomb he laid by me, and that is when he arose.
He leans to me with a mighty hand and whispers in a loving voice:
“It was finished 3 days ago. I took it on that day.
Stand up my child for I have taken the blame,
all the guilt, and all the shame.
You have found me here and I have been waiting for the day that I could say:



Take my hand child of mine.
Here in this place, let’s complete the grace.
Burying all your sin,
Let it ALL out, and we will win.
Hand in hand we will live.”

So I reached out and took his hand, it was a perfect fit.
We walked away from the tomb.
I felt so light.
We both turned and looked the tomb was empty,
My sins had been taken.
My lips and hands shaken.

I knew as he turned me back around they never again would be found!
So, God and I walked hand in hand,
And that’s the day my true life began.