Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hola! from COSTA RICA

Hello my wonderful blog readers
and my great EMI support team!!!!

I am here in Costa Rica.
This is Bethany and Jess two the wonderful people I am in CR with! I live with Jess with our Familia Tica! This is us at a market last Friday buying fruits for the office.

So I arrived in Texas and met up with the other interns! We got to Costa Rica late that night and stayed with an EMI family. This past week was orientation here at the office and around town. We spent the mornings in group prayer and then did a devo going through Romans 12. That was my favorite part of each day last week. Living with my Tico family is such a blessing. Tico by the way is the name Costa Ricans have for themselves. In my family I have 2 sisters and one brother. Also we have a dog named Suki!

This week has been the start of Spanish class. It is my teacher Maria and I from 8-12. What a blessing it is to be able to learn more Spanish. We use it SO much here. After these 2 weeks of class and Spanish I am off with intern David for our project trip. So, from September 11-19 I will be working with EMI at the hospital in Guatemala I told you about in the other post. It really is coming up so fast. That is a short update of my life here! All of the EMI families here are warm and welcoming to us interns and the heart of the Lord is seen in them and my host family!!!

a new fruit! Mamonchino! very new, it is like a eyeball on the inside and tastes like a grape, kinda.. :) Oh also my Tico Mom is a great cook and gives me great coffee. I am one blessed girl!

Having a great time at the feria.

Ok beloved ones! I will post again soon. I am in the middle of learning a lesson about faith and trust and I also need to share from Romans 12! So next post we are "diving in" the Word! Have your Bible ready! Much Love,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Costa Rica Time!

 HELLO my lovely blog readers and EMI support system!

Busy busy! I came home from Israel, dove into wedding things with beautiful Emily and Jon this week and then a WONDERFUL wedding Friday. Here are some pictures:

and now COSTA RICA TIME has come!

This past week all the other interns were in Colorado having orientation. So I am looking forward to learning things and getting an update. I am trying not to worry about being behind. The Lord will catch me up with the help of the other 3 Costa Rica interns. I still do not have an update on who my host family will be exactly. I do know my project! So that is exciting. I will be working on a hospital project in Guatemala. I could use prayer over this whole new adventure!

This is the information I know about the project taken from a group post. I thought many of you may want to know more information 

 "Good Samaritan Hospital was started around 50 years ago when a Methodist church began offering medical services from what had been a rent-by-the-hour hotel. There was no other hospital available to serve the people in this area. Mostly native peoples, even today most are unable to pay for medical services.

In addition to providing medical care, Good Samaritan Hospital's purpose is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All patients and their families are visited by local pastors while they are at the hospital.

Since 1998 investors and supporters have helped the hospital upgrade existing systems and add a second floor but the need continues to grow and Good Samaritan Hospital is making plans for future expansion. This project will review the existing hospital facility and create a strategic plan for their continued growth. Phase one of their expansion will be construction of an infill building to accommodate an eye clinic. This project will also provide Construction Documents for this building."
So my flight leaves tomorrow morning. These first few weeks will be language school for us interns. This is a big prayer request for me. If you could please pray I will keep my eyes on the Lord and not worry but really step out and get more of this language in my head!  God knows Spanish perfectly so that is helpful! :)
Once again I want to say thank you for following my posts and for the support you have given to me! I will keep these updates coming! And post a little about Israel too!
May the blessings of the Lord chase you down. My his hand be heavy on you. May he guide you with Love and Encouragement tonight!