Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home from Belize

Hello all!

I am home from Belize, and to welcome me home last night was mom and sister at the air port, thick humidity, and then a late night luggage stolen from my Maple Grove front step! Yes stolen! I just spent a week in a rough part of Belize City and nothing went missing. Now I come home and set my smelly mission trip bag out on the step for the night. Why? you may ask did I set it outside??! Well lets just say I wanted to give some nice bugs that may have made that bag my home a chance to escape in the night before I found them.

Little did I know that some one in Maple Grove would want my smelly, dirty old clothes, my old sheets, air mattress and Praying Pelican Missions leader book. I am happy right now that they took the work of me needing to wash all those clothes. I am very sad about one thing that was in my bag. The pastor we parented with this past week gave PPM a gift of a wood carved map of Belize for in our office! And sadly that was the only wonderful thing in my bag that was taken :(

My bag is labeled with my name and address, and just maybe I will be returned when they find nothing worth taking.

Now for a picture story of my trip in Belize City at Lake Independence Baptist Church.

Me with my group from Iowa

Some rain filled basket ball games

Painting the church floor all week! Also the back wall with a fresh white :)

Crafts at Vacation Bible School

Learning some songs

Fixing the yard drainage

Some seeing the ocean for their first time

The school we stayed at all week.

Thank you Belize and Jesus for such a wonderful week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

You better BELIZE it people!

Off to Belize for the week!
Looking forward to:

 fun moments like this!

Beauty like this!

Amazing teams like this!

And mostly, God having his way in all things!