Friday, February 24, 2012

Hallbeck Happenings

Hello beautiful bloggy readers,

Welcome to Friday night! I'm at home relaxing, putting on Pandora oldies mix and working on my new crafty craze of embroidery :)  When I was little my grandma would teach my sister and I how to do different embroidery stitches and we would work on little projects at her house like dish towels.  It is a great memory and I have been looking for a mindless but fun activity I can do when Dans way.  I ran across a really fun blog via Pinterest last week, perfect timing! It is called  Wild Olive.  So I was inspired and have now started getting back to my childhood roots :)   I will show you my two projects I have done and my first attempt to remember stitches.  So look back for that next!

Ok so the Hallbeck Happenings up date:

I found the rug I have been looking for! it is as big as I wanted, it is the weight I wanted and had a great price tag at Marshals! I was too pumped when I found it, just ask the hubby.

perfect colors for our kitchen

keeps our feet warm as we wash all our dishes by hand and wait for coffee to be made :)

The NC Hallbecks own a dresser! What a big step. And many hours of putting it together, but thank you Target for having something a little less bulky so it would do the job and fit in our room :)

James 1: 16 &17 Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. 17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Don't be deceived tonight.  If there is a good gift, you know where it comes from!  Don't give that credit to chance or circumstance or any other thing. But give thanks to the Father of the heavenly lights! My favorite part of these verses, "Who does not change like shifting shadows"  THANK YOU JESUS.  He is going to be the same no mater what comes or what goes.  No matter what kind of day I have. He is not a shifting shadow by my ever present Father. 
Make a little list of good gifts.

My little list today:
my grandma and her teaching me little things that i still remember
my fun childhood memories
new crafts embroidery
text messages from Dan <3 

From my living room to yours,
Erika Hallbeck

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When You Least Expect it

Hello lovely blog readers,

I am typing with one hand while I prop a hot wash cloth to my cheek with the other!  My wise teeth were removed on Monday.  While I still have some annoying discomfort I'm much better now than the past few days.  Now I have taken a picture of my current state for you all!
Yep here I am, typing away to you all! Hot cloth in a plastic bag, helping this swelling go down :)

So I have a few things I want to blog about, but today came something that wasn't on my list.  A while back Dan and I were at a store on base, it is kinda like a mini department store.  I saw these really cute bags.  Out of our budget and not something I needed, but boy did I think they were great!  I went home and looked them up online,  and do what most do when they find something they need to save for, put it on Pinterest ! So I pinned a few of my favs and let the bag go.  Little did I know there was a surprise in store! 

So today, weeks later one of my old neighbors from MN sent me a package in the mail.  I have not spoken or seen her for many years.  But God used pinterest and her sweet kind thoughtful heart to really bring a smile to my face. She saw my pin and Hadaki is a brand she represents so she sent me a bag! I least expected it today. But God knew it was coming.  Some may see this story as small and not a big deal but it hit my heart today.  It reminded me that God notices the little, he loves to give good gifts, in this case even handbags.  

 This good gift would have never made it if it were not for a heart that said yes to him! Kim, if you read this: THANK YOU again and again! What an unexpected nock at my door and bag in the box :) And what a fun idea to send someone something they have pinned on pinterest out of the blue!

This is one of the color combos that I had pinned!

Cant wait to fill it up!
Thank you Jesus, and thank you Kim.

Hope you all have some fun planned up for this weekend.  Dan leaves for a few weeks of training this coming Monday so I know we are going to be soaking up good time with eachother this weekend! Blessings.

From my livingroom to yours,
Erika Hallbeck

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dream a Little Dream with Jesus

Hello to you lovely blog readers. I hope this post finds you all well on your way to the weekend!

Whats been going on this week:
random pic of the hub bub, :) he got to be home every night this week!

Cutie birds for Vday from the mumzy

love love and hearts and pink and red combos and the fun that is v day!

made some strawbaby cupcakes

yum! and pink

and on to season II (thanks mom for sending it to us!)
We have made it to Friday! Today I have found myself doing a little day dreaming. Do you ever dream a little dream with Jesus?  A plan for the future, what you will do when you get older, what it will be like being a parent a grandparent, to visit a new country, to work in a specific job. Let Jesus in on your dreaming today, he has big plans and when we follow the King, when we surrender and trust in him with our lives and dreams, we are in the family, we are children of the King, no telling what dreams are coming true, what surprises are in store for you, what blessing is coming next.  Today lets dream a little dream with Jesus.

much love,

-erika hallbeck