Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our New News!

Hello blog readers,  Drummm rolll please!

We found out this past weekend that we will be stationed in North Carolina! It is so wonderful to finally know.  What a new thing, living right by the ocean! Getting to LIVE with my husband! new church, new friends for us, and a new job for me.  We are truly looking forward to these next months :)

Dan will be moving there next Tue from Cali.  Soon after that we will find out when I can move and join him, praying it is very soon after.  The town near the base is Jacksonville, if you want to look at it on a map.

With the move, and unknown but soon date, I had my last day of work Friday at PPM.  Ending one season and starting another.  These next X number of days left in MN I will be visiting with family and friends preparing to move to the South :) 

Now for a little from the Word for your day:
Numbers chapter 13 and 14.  This is a good story for those of us walking into an unknown.  While we may not have some of the literal challenges to fight in front of us but there are things that seem that we cant conquer, that would be very hard and impossible. Today we must remember Gods truth. The Lord is with us. It may seem that moving across the country, having your husband deployed, starting a new job, what ever it is that you are seeing in front of you as your "land to possess" is NO SMALL THING! but we must remember more importantly that OUR GOD IS BIGGER, Our Lord is NO SMALL THING.  The creator of all things! The one who knows all the details of each season of your life. The one who was faithful yesterday is faithful tomorrow. Because no matter what changes in your life, the LORD remains the constant, the Ever Present Help. That is our God!

May you have a great day!
I am praising the Lord today for showing Dan and I where we will move, we waited so long for this news, I am thankful that I know!
~ Mrs. Erika Hallbeck

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Post for Pictures

This pink feather friends welcome you to the picture post!
 My trip to see my hubby was wonderful ~ only a few more weeks and we will actually get to live together! Praise the Lord, He has been so faithful to us and shown his blessing to us. We had some JOY over this trip, enjoy the pics.

mom and baby, so cute, so large!

Being by him is like a perfect dream come true!


The silly Lion, he did this like 5 times while we watched him, maybe nap time?

After watching the real lion for so long, we turn to keep walking, I see this and jump, thinking it was real!

He looks just like an elephant don't you think?

so cute! many of them were sleeping but these 2 were up

Time at the beach was rain filled but peaceful

Dan and Erika are in love!


some parkour in the rain

me not doing any parkour in the rain
We had a very wonderful 4 days! Dan has just completed a week of very important tests, and he did very well on them.  We are SOOOO SOOON to know where we are moving!  I will know TOMORROW! after months and months of waiting! Thank you Lord!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do We Trust God

Happy November to you all!

In ONE week I am going to see my husband again! This time we get more than one perfect day but 5.  I am so excited that I am trying to stay calm and take one day at a time.  I am so thankful that it is November, this is Dans last month of training only 3.5 weeks left. So proud of him. This also means that we will find out where Dan is being stationed. This is such BIG news. It is a hard thing to wait and wait on a decision to be made FOR you. But I know that God is in control of all of these things! The truth makes the "hard" things so much more simple.  Having a perspective of truth sure changes what Dan and I see when we look at things like that. We are not sure, but we think that by Thanksgiving we will know where we are to move.

This past Sunday, yes my hopes was to write this post many days ago haha, in my 3 year old Sunday school we started our new story about Abraham and Sarah.  For the sweet 3 year olds the way we tell stories are simple and to the point, few words, and big picture books.  :) and fun activities that help us learn our lesson. I sure learned some things too.  Our verse for the week was "We trust God." For a craft project I had each kid trace there 2 shoes on a paper and then color away, always adding stickers too! Then we learned as we colored that a man named Abraham trusted God so much that he followed him.  We learned that our foot prints on our paper remind us that we CAN trust God enough to follow him.  Even into a new place, away from things we have been around our whole life. We learned that the man packed up all of this things and took his family into a new land. He knew nothing about where he was going all he knew was God called him.

We did an activity next. Starting at one corner of the room we found a star. We all stood there in a group and saw many color circles in front of us. They didn't seem to make a path but we followed them one at a time as a group.  We had yarn with us and each time we made it to a circle we taped down the yarn. After many spots we came to the end, an X to mark the spot! We turned around and looked, we were all very excited! As 3 year olds are most of the time, at the smallest things, we saw the path, we saw where we walked and where these circles lead us. It was such a perspective reminder for their 23 year old teacher that was not expecting that this activity she made up was going to teach her anything.  I trust God enough to follow him, and one of the reasons I can trust him is seeing the amazing yarn in my life, and in the lives of others like Abraham, All of the places he called me to and was FAITHFUL in!

So today lets practise the adapted 3 year old bible verse, We TRUST God, and we trust him enough to follow him! Maybe you need to even make a foot print craft to remind yourself. :)
Much love, Mrs. Erika Hallbeck
As you TRUST him~
Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the Holy Spirit.