Sunday, April 24, 2011

Completing The Grace

By: Jesus and Erika

Break it!
Take it!
My life can not hold it.
It weighs me down, lying on the ground.

My back will break.
My heart will melt.
My head will burst with pain!
The things I’ve done, you know everyone.
How I shiver at the thought of God knowing what I’ve got!
It’s and illness, it’s a plague, covering, corroding what He has made!

As I lay there on the floor, my heart doesn’t hurt anymore.
My back feels light.
My head is clear and my eyes drift to who is near.

In His tomb he laid by me, and that is when he arose.

He leans to me with a mighty hand and whispers in a loving voice:
“It was finished 3 days ago. I took it on that day.
Stand up my child for I have taken the blame,
all the guilt, and all the shame.
You have found me here and I have been waiting for the day that I could say:


Take my hand child of mine.
Here in this place, let’s complete the grace.

Burying all your sin,
Let it ALL out, and we will win.
Hand in hand we will live.”

So I reached out and took his hand, it was a perfect fit.
We walked away from the tomb.

I felt so light.
We both turned and looked the tomb was empty,
My sins had been taken.
My lips and hands shaken.

I knew as he turned me back around they never again would be found!
So, God and I walked hand in hand,
And that’s the day my true life began.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!
Enjoy the song my family enjoyed at church this morning!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring, a list of things to do

S. Started painting my sisters room! :) It will no longer be orange and aqua rather white and pale gray.
P. Playing up at the cabin. My cousin, sister, Jon, and Dan went up to the cabin with me last weekend! Had a great time playing card games, board games, and walking through the woods.

R. Reading psalm 25, take a look at this great chapter filled with promise! Ran into this one the other day! "All the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant."
N. Nearing the end to our FPU study. Only a few weeks left of our Friday night fun! Dan and I sure have been learning a lot!
G. Girl time with Jillian and Jordan painting and drawing this weekend. Something I have wanted to sit down and do for a long time. I can take a picture when I am done and post it for you.

So that has been the current SPRING things, among many others :) Easter week has started! Happy Monday to you all.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Perfect Park

Hello, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Yesterday it sure was Spring! Dan and I had a great swing date. (Pictures below) We went and grabbed a mocha for him and a tea for me and off to the nearest park we went/ Who knew that the nearest park was the perfect park.

Sun was shinning, birds were singing, cute little lake, cranes and ducks swimming, a non squeaky regular swing set for 2, places to climb (sadly didn't get pics!), a grassy hill that over looked the park, Cute 2 person swing on that hill, with a slight squeak, A few peaceful hours to talk and talk and swing and swing. I loved it!

Dan and I sure were thankful for Perfect Park, which is not its real name but the name it was given after our first few minutes there :) Tonight we have FPU class and tomorrow we get to go up north to visit the cabin and grandma and grandpa! woohoo!
To leave you with one more photo, PPM staff ride the light rail to MOA for lunch:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Poem Post, Enjoy

Inside a Tree

Inside a tree, our paths cross

There the pavement ends, there the dirt road stops, there the desert begins.

Dig, Dig a hole as big as the sky, still the sand never ends.

Would you like to reach the end, find the other side of the world? Or are you digging for me, I require no labor, I am free.

I stand there and watch you breaking your back; my voice is right in your ear, but still hard for you to hear, because you dig.

You try to hear, the sand is loud, each grain blocking your view.

I sweep the hair from in front of your face, and capture your tears and cover them in grace.

Among the flying sand you cry, you beg for me.

I cry back at you, I too, beg for you.

We both fight the sand

Let me fight the sand for you!

Then, with the drop of your shovel,

My voice gets through.

The moment stays still, all the grains melt away

Inside a tree.

Jesus and Erika

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rocks will be Painted

Hello blog readers! What a busy week. The Praying Pelican Missions office has now been moved down by MOA. That was a busy few days at work! But we are all liking the new home. We are using space much better then the last office and it is good for the 5 of us :) I was also house and cat sitting all week down the road from my house.

Sister Hannah is home this weekend! So yesterday was filled with fun family activities.
Nails were painted, lunch was had, nap was taken, dog was walked, Tangled was seen.

Now on to the Rock! Always good to be ready for quirky things when you are engaged. Our quirky thing this past week was a school rock.  Two of our friends at Northwestern painted the school rock for us. Dan and I really enjoyed this. It is a popular thing for the students to paint this rock when a new couple gets engaged. It is a little silly but really fun.

Here Jess and Jenny show off their work!
Dan even gave me flowers for this fun moment!

Guy on the street yelled "don't drop her!"

Hope you all have a nice Sunday!