Monday, April 30, 2012

Hank Happenings

Good morning!

 Hank is a handful of a puppy! I am happy to say that this weekend he went for a very big boy walk with Dan and I! He did so great. He walked a little over a mile. The furthest he had gone before that was about 4 blocks so things are looking up.  This morning it was same old same old and we only made it a block, painfully.  It must be something about being more of a pack, because he walked so well when it was Dan and I. Dan has made his way to the "office" again this morning, and that means Hank and Erika holding down the fort!

One nice thing is when he is being completely crazy I know he is about to crash and take a good nap. So there is always cuteness on the way. I have been loving the latest Picasa and took some shots of Hank while he was in one of those wonderful naps :) enjoy

From my living room to yours,


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Defensive and Doubtful, Ugly and Uglyer

 Hello lovely blog readers,

Just when you think you have something worked out it rears its ugly head and you are back in the trenches fighting it off with God on your side!  It is like with each new change in life needs to be reminded of who we are called to be.  Taking each new situation and surrendering it to God.  This post is a reminder that God is at work.  That he loves me too much to leave me where I am at my low points.

The past few weeks I have heard myself at times and been in shock.  Just when I think I trust God I show doubtfulness.  Just when I think I rely on what God says of me and who he says I am, and not others (or even myself), I show defensiveness.  Its not a fun time people.  The double d's of Defensiveness and Doubtfulness may not be your battle; you may have some other combo. Maybe you can relate with what I am trying to say in this post. I need God.  I am one ugly annoying person with out him working and his spirit moving.  I know that I can't just fix these dangerous double d's alone. It is a battle far too out numbered if I was to fight alone.

I want to encourage you and myself today by this post. May we surrender and let God dig down to the root of our problems.  May he prune out dead and dying branches.  Can I be humble enough to allow it? Can I cast off my pride before it brings a fall? While getting all these thoughts out this morning I see that my double d's probably start from a deep down root of pride.  That makes me feel even worse. But hallelujah, Jesus took all my sin and shame.  Now I am free to say yes to him in hard learning moments. To say yes to the changes he calls me to, to the level of surrender he calls me to. Its not on my shoulders to carry. Its not on yours either if you surrender all you are to Jesus.

From my heart,


Friday, April 27, 2012

Hank Happenings

Hello from the couch.  Where puppy sleeps and mommy types.

We just got home from a beach adventure.  Just Hanky and me.  Dan has been gone in the field this week. It has been something else being with a puppy 24/7 alone.  I'm sure it is nothing compared to having a baby, but while living this puppy phase I think a baby would be easier. ;)  anyway.  Hank has gone from 3.5 lbs to 6.9 in just 2 weeks! Glad to know he is growing into a healthy pup pup!

Here is a view from the Hallbeck beach world this morning:

Being a beach bum, wishing Hannah was here to tan with us!

Resting over the hole he dug, a good idea to cool off I think. Smart pup!

Mom, can you get some of this sand off my face? Loving life!
This week Hank has tested me. But also can be very cute and sweet.  Those moments come after the crazy puppy time. Once he works all the hyper out he gets very cute.  While working on my computer Hank is often fast asleep on the couch with me.  This week I looked up after a loud thud to find sleepy Hank slid off the couch  and crashed to the floor below.  Sleepy eyes looked up at me.  With one lift he was back on the couch and catching z's once again.  It made me laugh and feel bad at the same time!

Here is to a great weekend ahead! 

From my living room to yours!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hank Happenings

Hello lovely blog readers,

It has been some busy days in the Hallbeck house.  We have been searching for a doggy for a few months now. Many wives, who have husbands that are military or just travel for their work have told me a big help is having a dog.  We have been searching, hard to find a dog that will stay small enough for our rental and not too spendy. Little dogs seem to be the most expensive.  So, when we saw the post about Hank and his brothers and sisters we jumped on it.  We went and met the little guy and had to wait 10 more days to get to bring him home. Now he is in our lives the for the rest of his little life. It is exciting. :)

 He's a great little dude. Still getting the bed time thing down! Gotta remember he is still so young almost 2 months. He only got up once in the night last night tho. Better then 4 from the 2 nights before! ;)  He is passed out on my lap, coffee on the table, the one and only Frank on Pandora, a day off from work, Dad/Hubby at work.

Before the pup fell asleep he took some pics with mom for your enjoyment! And I got to mess around with all the new updates my Picasa 3 has now!

hehe to my surprise he was winking in this shot 

mom I want to go to sleep, stop taking pics for the blog
~ well hello ~

about to crash

and I'm out

May you all be encouraged! I found myself just thinking how much God has blessed Dan and I; after the months apart, he has given abundantly 3 months together with only a few times in the field for Dan. Every good and perfect gift is from above! Thank you Jesus.  I like to remind my self to not take these days for granted. Like that bumper sticker I told you about a while ago, "live like he's deploying tomorrow". What is something in your day today that is a gift from above? lets have thankful hearts today! If there is something good in your day, something perfect for you in your day, something that goes well, thank the Lord, for every good and perfect gift is from above.  Also, one more point. I heard in church the other week that perfect means perfect for you, God knows you, he knows what we need. Example from marriage class, I'm not a perfect wife but I'm the perfect wife for Dan, and Dan's not a perfect husband but he is a perfect husband for me. God knew that! That is why we were blessed with each other. Some times I really think my husband is perfect! A gift from God.  So that is how I think of that word perfect in that verse. 

Talk you you all later, 

Erika and sleeping Hank 
Hope you all have a happy weekend! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hallbeck Happenings

Welcoming Hank into the Family
Hi nice to meet you!


Play time

Home from work! belly rub

Playing in the yard