Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Winter Shots, A Song, And An Update

Today is a snow filled day here. I'm sitting in my PJ's eating crackers at 8:20 am haha, and putting tea on. And also listening to the You've Got Mail sound track :)

These past weeks have been crazy. I have some happy news! Tomorrow I am starting my new job with Praying Pelican Missions! If you don't remember that is the great, wonderful, sweet, organization that I went to Belize with for a month this past summer! So I will be on their part time staff starting tomorrow :) God is so into details.

Looking at this picture reminds me of the joy of that moment!

I was reminded the other day that Gods plans for us ARE good. I was on the edge of a pity party, OK maybe I was in one, when I just was saying, "but God your plans for me are good!" "What is going on?" This is the moment where you have to take him at his word not how you are feeling or how things are looking. So today I am reminding myself and you that his plans are good for those who love him! And we can be content in all things! Great song by Britt Nicole, Hanging On. Great reminder that we need HIS word.

When I was living in Costa Rica, I went through a book all about holding up your thoughts and your mind to truth, to what is in the word. I know that I learned those things for this season. Hope you are enjoying the song!

Lets end this little update with some cute Ski Date pics! Dan and I headed out on the trails last week. We had fun teaching and learning Cross Country :) soon it will be my turn to learn some Down Hill!

****Enjoy your Monday! ****

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So this morning I started reading a book called The Bait of Satan. Got a few pages into it, then stopped to eat breakfast. When I stopped reading I remember LOVING the part I stopped on. Now hours have passed, and I have done many other little "to dos" Then I was listening to a song on YouTube and noticed a beckah shae song on the right hand side. Here is the song. So my memory was tested this afternoon because I saw these big words GOLD. I was just sitting here thinking, what in the world... I just read something cool about Gold.... OH YEAH the book this morning! haha so any whooo. Take a listen while you read the rest of the post. I am so glad that God helps us remember such good things! Just in time!

So the book I am reading is about learning to not take offense, and how important that really is. How offense is used by the enemy to divide UNITY that the LORD WANTS FOR US! So, on to the Gold part. Take a look at Revelation 3:14-18 Jesus calls this church to buy his Gold refined by fire!
Take a look at this next verses when you are done wrapping your head around the first set.
Tested through the fire, 1 Peter 1:6-7  actually take it to the top of 1 :)

"These have come so that your faith - of greater worth then gold, which perishes even though refined by fire- may be proved genuine and my result in praise, glory, and honor when Jesus is revealed."

Our faith will not perish it is of greater worth then gold. My the testing prove it genuine today! May it result in the Praise, Glory, and Honor of God!

SO sing and dance to this great song! We have an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade- go back and read vs. 4 :)

OK have a great day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Winter, so far, Photo Update!

So, coming home from Costa Rica in the crazy holiday time was... crazy.

Lots to do, people to see, joy to be had,
work to start, things to plan,
snow to fall*, friends to call,
 fun to be had by one and ALL!

A wonderful Monday with Madeline!

Demi, the puppy in our lives!

Christmas Doggies

Hannah and Jon

 Christmas Eve! 26 People, One house, One reason, Jesus came!
                         ~ food, family, friends, doggies, singing, laughing, eating, reading, playing, smiles ~

The Cute Married Ones


So great to have Dan with me! Being in the same country is so great!

Love Came Down On Christmas Day!

Christmas Day!

Not planned but Cute!

Madeline's great cookie painting skills!

Happy to be home

Grandpa and Grandma

Time to put on your SKATES!

Me and my sweet sister!

La Familia! Que bonita, no?!

Cute, Silly, Skaters


The Rents

The Girls after a great French Meadow brunch!

Thanks for peeking in on my time here at home! Happy 2011! We may wonder what this year will be filled with, but God doesn't wonder, he KNOWS~  I am thankful for that today!