Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miami Miami - Hallbeck Happenings

Hello Lovely blog readers,

I am traveling for work for a few weeks while Dan has been out training training training. I just finished leading a trip here in Miami.  We had a great week of ministry working along side Jamaican and Haitian churches.  We also served at a homeless shelter, with Habitat construction, and held a vacation Bible school for some sweet kiddos. Thanks for all your prayers :)

What a great view, our morning at the beach one day. 

Cute moment of play at the park. 

The team for the week! 

Paint and more paint! 

Serving food, and having fun while working! 

Painting at a homeless shelter. 

Joy Joy Joy, playing a silly game at the youth leadership night. 

Heard some great words of encouragement throughout the week! 

<3 missing these guys lots <3 

Dan is still in training, Hank is with his wonderful babysitter back in Jacksonville. So we are all away doing what we need to do :)  I have one more Praying Pelican trip for work, starting tomorrow, in Belize.  I wanted to give you all an update so you didn't wonder where we have all been. Thanks for all your prayers :)

Much love,
The traveling wife and puppy mom

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