Monday, April 30, 2012

Hank Happenings

Good morning!

 Hank is a handful of a puppy! I am happy to say that this weekend he went for a very big boy walk with Dan and I! He did so great. He walked a little over a mile. The furthest he had gone before that was about 4 blocks so things are looking up.  This morning it was same old same old and we only made it a block, painfully.  It must be something about being more of a pack, because he walked so well when it was Dan and I. Dan has made his way to the "office" again this morning, and that means Hank and Erika holding down the fort!

One nice thing is when he is being completely crazy I know he is about to crash and take a good nap. So there is always cuteness on the way. I have been loving the latest Picasa and took some shots of Hank while he was in one of those wonderful naps :) enjoy

From my living room to yours,


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