Friday, April 27, 2012

Hank Happenings

Hello from the couch.  Where puppy sleeps and mommy types.

We just got home from a beach adventure.  Just Hanky and me.  Dan has been gone in the field this week. It has been something else being with a puppy 24/7 alone.  I'm sure it is nothing compared to having a baby, but while living this puppy phase I think a baby would be easier. ;)  anyway.  Hank has gone from 3.5 lbs to 6.9 in just 2 weeks! Glad to know he is growing into a healthy pup pup!

Here is a view from the Hallbeck beach world this morning:

Being a beach bum, wishing Hannah was here to tan with us!

Resting over the hole he dug, a good idea to cool off I think. Smart pup!

Mom, can you get some of this sand off my face? Loving life!
This week Hank has tested me. But also can be very cute and sweet.  Those moments come after the crazy puppy time. Once he works all the hyper out he gets very cute.  While working on my computer Hank is often fast asleep on the couch with me.  This week I looked up after a loud thud to find sleepy Hank slid off the couch  and crashed to the floor below.  Sleepy eyes looked up at me.  With one lift he was back on the couch and catching z's once again.  It made me laugh and feel bad at the same time!

Here is to a great weekend ahead! 

From my living room to yours!

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  1. Hank! He's so so cute :) And having both a puppy and babies... I think babies are easier :) He'll get easier soon! Praying for you while Dan's away <3